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Unlimited Data Plan Details

All Xfinity Internet plans come with 1.2TB (terabytes) of data per calendar month. And that’s a lot of data. Customers who use more than 1.2TB of data per month will be charged $10 plus tax for each additional 50 GB used, up to a max of $100 per month. For those who want peace of mind to never pay overage fees, we offer two Unlimited Data Options. You can add either of our Unlimited Data Options by calling 1-800-Xfinity.

Option 1: xFi Complete

  • With the new xFi Complete option, you get unlimited data (a $30/month value), whole home WiFi (so you’ll have the most WiFi coverage in any room), and our xFi Gateway(a $14/month value) with the built-in protection of Advanced Security to block online threats and protect connected devices, all for $25/month.
  • If you already rent an xFi Gateway, you can upgrade to xFi Complete for just an additional $11/month by calling 1-800-Xfinity.

Option 2: Unlimited data for customers who use their own modem

  • If you currently use your own modem and router, you have two options to get unlimited data.
    • First, you can add xFi Complete and get our xFi Gateway with Advanced Security, Unlimited Data, and whole home WiFi for $25/month. With this option, you would no longer use your own equipment to access Xfinity Internet, but instead use our xFi Gateway, which takes the place of your modem and router.
    • Or, you can add our Unlimited Data option for $30/month and continue to use your own Modem and Router.
  • Existing customers using their own modem can upgrade to the Unlimited Data plan now by calling 1-800-xfinity or clicking here.

Enrollment goes into effect immediately and applies to the calendar month in which you make the change. Any overage fees for that month will be cleared out and your next bill will reflect the relevant charge ($25 or $30, depending on your selected plan) from that month forward.

Enrollment in xFi Complete or our Unlimited Data Plan is optional and available to all customers in locations with the 1.2 Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan.

If you choose to cancel xFi Complete or the Unlimited Data Plan, unlimited data will stay in effect for the remainder of the month in which you make the change and you’ll return to the 1.2 Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan on the first day of the next calendar month.